Faster and superior permanent fat reduction. An alternative to surgical liposuction.

Fat Freezing. LipoContrast. Stubborn Belly Fat Reduction in Chelmsford


Non-invasive non-surgical fat freezing of stubborn fats around your thighs, belly, flanks, double chin or arms. Non invasive and no liposuction. No down turn. 80% of results are visible within 20 days.

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Introducing LipoContrast: The Cutting-Edge Solution for Fat Reduction and Body Contouring.

Experience the future of fat freezing and body contouring with LipoContrast, the latest advancement in aesthetic technology. This medically and clinically approved treatment offers a safe and effective solution, permanently removing up to 33% of fat cells.

LipoContrast revolutionizes body sculpting by employing a unique process of heating, cooling, and heating fat cells, resulting in significant fat reduction without causing harm or resorting to invasive methods.

Our versatile LipoContrast treatment is ideal for localized fat reduction, including fibrous fat, across various areas such as the waist, flanks, abdomen, love handles, lower back, upper back, hips, thighs, knees, gynecomastia, double chin, and arms. This is made possible through the use of multi-sized applicators for precise targeting.

What sets LipoContrast apart is its remarkable speed and effectiveness. You can expect almost immediate results, with approximately 80% of the outcome becoming visible within just 20 days. Say hello to a transformed you with LipoContrast

How Does LipoContrast’s Fat Freezing Before and After Transformation Happen?

LipoContrast’s innovative process is quite fascinating. It leverages the specialized paddle heads of the LipoContrast machine to expose fat cells to a meticulously timed and precisely controlled triple thermal shock—comprising heat, cold, and heat.

The magic unfolds post-treatment with the LipoContrast thermal shock. Some fat cells are promptly deactivated and will bid adieu within a few short days. Meanwhile, other cells enter a profound apoptosis phase, gradually departing within a span of a few weeks.

Experience the science of fat freezing with LipoContrast and witness the remarkable before-and-after transformation!

Book a free consultation with one of our Aesthetic Practitioners to check your suitability for fat freezing.

“Catherine was so kind and very knowledgeable. She talked me through different treatments and helped me to work out what was be best for me. I treated my lower abdomen and chin with LipoContrast, I spent 1.30 hours completely comfortable and well looked after. I am 5 days from my first treatment and I’m seeing results already. I highly recommend CNT Clinic Chelmsford.”

Amanda Spencer

Benefits of Fat Freezing with LipoContrast

Depending on the adipose tissue thickness and the desired result, 1 to 3 sessions can be treated on an area over 12 weeks. With an approximate interval of 4 weeks between each one. The duration of each session is 60 minutes.

  • 3 times faster and superior fat reduction compared with normal fat freezing and body contouring procedures*.
  • Increased effectiveness on fibrous fat (hard fat).
  • Avoids traumatic experiences of invasive methods such as liposuction.
  • Prevents contiguous tissue damage that occurs with radio-frequency, ultrasounds or lasers.
  • Dual site treatment availabile which reduces the time required for treatment.
Lipocontrast fat freezing in chelmsford
Lipocontrast fat freezing in chelmsford
Lipocontrast fat freezing in chelmsford
Lipocontrast fat freezing in chelmsford

LipoContrast Treatment Details

Procedure time

1 Hour per 2 paddles


Not required

Recovery time

No time required

No. of treatments

A course of 3 (Recommended)

Results duration

80% in 20 days

Post-treatment care

Drink 2L of water a day & Exercise

Our Fat freezing – LipoContrast Treatment Packages

LipoContrast is one step beyond normal fat freezing. 80% of results are visible in just 2 weeks. Full results in 4 weeks.

Body Areas LipoContrast can target?

LipoContrast targets local fat reduction (including fibrous fat) on different body areas:

  • Double Chin
  • Stomach
  • Inner Thigh
  • Bingo Wings
  • Waist
  • Legs
  • Back Fat
  • Man Boobs
  • Hip Dips
  • Mummy Tummy

1st Session

  • 1 area. 2 paddles
  • 1st Session was: £250. Now: £125

2nd Session

After 28 days

  • 2nd Session was: £250. Now: £200

3rd Session

After 28 days

  • 3rd Session was: £250. Now: £200

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lipocontrast

Why choose LipoContrast?
LipoContrast is 3 times faster and superior fat reduction compared with normal fat freezing and body contouring procedures.

Temperatures don’t go below freezing, in fact, the lowest temperature will be 3 degrees Celsius. This is much safer than fat freezing, the only side effects can be: bruising and more trips to the toilet!

Avoids traumatic experiences of invasive methods such as liposuction and the effect produced is almost immediate!

What is the Pre-Care?
Do not drink alcohol, sunbath or take painkillers 24 hours beforehand (paracetamol only is fine).
What is the After-Care?
  • Drink 3L of water a day for the duration of your treatment course.
  • Avoid high fat or sugar foods.
  • Try to do 10,000 steps a day.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.